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Huckleberry Fence features fence, deck, arbor and gate designs. New clients often say that our fences stand out in the crowd: when they explore the neighborhood for ideas, they consistently choose our fences. That same signature look was the drive behind my burning desire to come up with a Huckleberry design for decks, too. View a short video highlighting environmentally friendly bamboo fencing on KEZI.

Workman's Comp Insurance and a Business License are not the same thing
A business license number is issued to you once you complete the required classes and tests conducted by the Construction Contractors Board (CCB). From there, businesses must obtain a bond and liability insurance to conduct business with their license. Click here for info on CCB licenses. Why is Workman's Comp important to you? Workman's Comp is there to protect all parties. If the contractor working on your property isn't carrying Comp, and one of the employees is injured, the employee can sue you - the homeowner - for medical expenses. Click here to verify Workman's Compensation Insurance.

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